Privacy Policy

LoveRide (“Company” / “us’ / “we” / “our”) believes that customers/users (“you” / “your”) who books or looks for any services at (“Websites”) has the right to know about the Privacy Policy that is followed by us.

We value the right to your privacy. This Privacy Policy will elucidate our practice of handling and securing your Personal Data (defined hereunder) by us and our subsidiaries and affiliates.

This Privacy Policy will apply to any and all individuals -

  • To buy and / or buy and / or ask about any product ("product") and / or any service ("services") of the company.
  • (Purchases and Services) through the websites, mobile sites, mobile apps (collectively referred to later as "online sales channels") and through our offline channels, provided by us through any of our various customer interface channels, Such as the call center, office, agent and franchisee (collectively referred to later as "offline sales channel").

  • Who we are, policy, updates and other important information

  • We are LoveRide, a company incorporated in India under the provision of Companies Act 1956 and have our registered office address at 181A sector D Amrapali Modern Township, Indore- 453332
  • For the purpose of applicable data protection laws, we are all the "data controllers" of personal data that we collect, use and otherwise process you about .
  • We are continuously reviewing our privacy policy to ensure transparency about how to use your personal data.
  • Any changes to our Privacy Policy will be reflected on our website when they are updated/modified.
  • This online sales channel may include links to third-party websites, plugins, and applications. By clicking those links or enabling those connections, third parties may get permission to collect or share your personal data. We do not control these third party websites and will not be liable / responsible for their privacy policy.We suggest that you read the privacy policy of the website you visit.

  • What Information Do We Collect About You

    The type of information we collect about you are as following:

  • Personal Data is a source that spots you as a person or is related to a key person.

  • Based on the circumstances, we collect any of the following -

  • Details about you, such as your name, gender, address, contact number, email address, date and place of birth, nationality, religion, PAN card details, base details, vegetarian / non-vegetarian food choices, but information about this Your health is up to the extent that it is relevant to your services, our holiday travel program or special assistance to you.
  • Check credit and debit card numbers, bank account details, net banking details, details or information related to any other payment.
  • Financial and tax information under limited circumstances.
  • The information related to your transaction on the website, including date and time, amount charged and other related transaction details.
  • Language preference
  • Identity documents / information such as your passport or identity card details are not limited to (including your passport number, the country in which your passport was issued and the expiration date), visa or other government issued identification data.
  • Important dates like birthday, anniversary and special occasions of self and family members.
  • Membership or allegiance program data (including co-branded payoff cards, travel companion program relations), your employer details.
  • Your travel details, tour group or activity data that includes details of your travel travel, such as where you are flying, your booking information, details of any further travels relevant, relevant travel experiences or trips Details of your luggage, upgrade any information, your lounge visit, seat preferences, food preferences or requirements, any special Details of elp who you are dealing with and any other information we have enables you to organize travel or other services with us.
  • Information about your conversation or conversation with us and our people, in which you submit inquiries, comments, complaints or feedback to us or when you buy goods and services, special service and / or any other facility requests. Information related to your geographic location and IP address.
  • Data provided by adding social media account ID, profile photo and other publicly available data, or your social media and loyalty accounts.

  • In more limited circumstances, we also collect:

  • Data about family members (including children) and partners, such as name (s), age, birthday, anniversary etc.
  • Biometric data, such as digital images
  • Images and video and audio data (A) Security cameras located in public areas, such as Holvo, Lobby, Ground etc., in our properties; And (B) Our damaged camera worn by the body made by the authorities and other security personnel.
  • Guest preferences and personalized data ("personal preferences"), such as your interests, activities, hobbies, food and drink options, services and facilities that you recommend to us or those we learn during your visit.

  • Other Data means a information which does not identify you as a specific such as but not finite to -

  • Browser and Device Data
  • App usage data
  • Collected data through cookies, pixel tags, and other techniques
  • Demographic data and other data provided by you
  • Integrated data. However, if any other data identifies you as a person or is related to a particular person, then we will consider such other data as personal data.

  • What Are Sensitive Data

  • When you fill the booking form in part or in full.
  • When you make a reservation on the phone, contact us via email, fax or online chat services or contact customer service. These communications may be recorded for quality assurance, training purposes.

  • How We Collect Your Information

    Based on the circumstances, we collect personal data and other data (collectively referred to as "information") in various ways-

    Online Sales Channels.

    We collect information when you-

  • Browse our online sales channels, mobile websites, or mobile apps.
  • Book or search for any product or other services through our online sales channels.
  • Fill out a portion of the booking form on our online sales channels even if you do not submit or submit full or part of the full booking form.
  • Communicate with us, or else connect with us or post on 'Follow', 'Like', Social Media Accounts / Social Media Page.
  • Without limits including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Sign up to participate in any newsletter, promotional material or any activity, survey, contest or promotional offer.

  • Offline Sales Channels

    We collect information through our offline sales channel-

  • When you fill out the booking form or fill it completely.
  • When you make a reservation on the phone, communicate with us via email, fax or online chat services or contacts customer service. These communications can be recorded for quality assurance, training purposes.
  • We collect information from other sources, such as public databases, joint marketing partners and other third parties, which are not limited to suppliers.
  • We collect information from devices connected to the Internet in our office premises or in franchise stores.
  • When you download our app or choose to participate in any program, we collect information. In such a situation, we collect the exact physical location of our device through satellite, your network tower, WiFi signal etc. When you access our online sales channel to enable location-powered capabilities on your mobile device, we collect data. We will continue to collect location data as long as you do not log or close an online sales channel or disable the app or your mobile device's capabilities.
  • We collect information through your browser or through your device automatically, such as your Media Access Control (MAC) address, computer type (for example- Windows or Macintosh), screen resolution, operating system name And the version is not limited to the device manufacturer and so on. You are using the name and version of the model, language, internet browser type and version and online services (like apps). We use this data to ensure that online services work properly.
  • We collect some information from cookies. Please see section 18 for more information on cookies.
  • When you use the app and the app in your mobile phone, while using the app's data and app, when we access our servers and download information about all data and files , Then we collect some information. The app is based on your contact number.
  • We receive information about you from various third parties such as analytics providers (for example, Google, Yahoo, Adobe etc.) and many other advertising networks. Use cookies and techniques to collect and analyze data about the use of Analytics providers, online sales channels, and offline sales channels.
  • We collect your IP address. As soon as you reach any online sales channel, your IP address is automatically logged into our server log files with dates, travel times and pages you visit.
  • We use such IP address to calculate the level of use of online IP address and obtain your location using your IP address.

  • How We Use Your Information

    We will use your information for various purposes to provide you services in accordance with your contract, and therefore some information will be used depending on the type of services for which you have included us. In some circumstances, we may need to share information directly with you. If you fail to provide us with such information or prevent us from collecting such information, we will not be able to present you with the products or services you requested under the contract. We use all such information for our genuine business purpose to present the appropriate services, in which the following-

  • To present you with products / services booked. - We use the information to present any service or product you have booked. This includes a range without arranging your flight ticket, train ticket, cruise, accommodation, travel, transportation or car rental and you do not have any special assistance with your prior consent, such as obtaining visas, insurance etc. Is not limited to assistance. You will also use the information to facilitate your reservation, payment, confirmation or pre-arrival messages, so that you can get other data about the destination that you are determined to travel.
  • To support our electronic receipt program - When you provide an email address at the time of booking, we use that email address so that you can send copies of your invoices related documents and / or other notifications. However, if you are booking any products / services on behalf of any third person using your email address, then the invoice (s) and / or other notifications, documents related to the booking done for such third person You will also be sent to us at the email address you shared with us. We will also use your information to process transactions and payments for the booking done by you to collect and retrieve your booking.
  • To communicate and send you to support services - we will use your information to send you any communications related to the products and / or services you have booked. This will include sending an email, SMS, text message, etc. to inform you about changes in our documents, such as the terms and conditions, how to book, privacy policy and / or changes in your tour program, or provide you Do a voucher, ticket, etc. which is in front of our contract. We will also use your information to update you with the latest news, events, offers, sales, brochures, marketing communications, and promotional offers, as well as periodical customer satisfaction, market research, or quality assurance surveys.
  • Loyalty Program - We use the information to present and manage your participation in our global loyalty programs, as well as some of the qualities or according to your interests.
  • Including without limit, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • To optimize our online sales channels - We will use your information to ensure that the content of our online sales channels is effective, convenient and optimal for you, and (ii) content for Site Analytics and Research Sharing relevant information with.
  • For the protection and security of the company - for the protection, investigation and prevention of any fraud, unauthorized or illegal activity, terrorism and other types of illegal conduct.
  • To comply with our policies, procedures and other business objectives, we will use your information so that we comply with various policies, procedures and legal obligations, enforce our legal rights and protect the rights, interests, property and security. Enable us to. Our staff, customers and we too This may include sharing your information with our lawyers, technical consultants, law enforcement and other regulatory bodies as necessary (to comply with our legal interests or to comply with legal liability). We also use the information to analyze various data analysis, audit, security and fraud monitoring and prevention, new services development, improve our existing services and determine the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns.

  • With Whom Do We Share/Disclose Your Information

    To ensure that you have been provided with the best services ahead of our contract, we may need to share your information with the parties given below-

  • Affiliates and group companies - From time to time, we can not disclose your information to our partners and group companies for various reasons,

  • (i) To ensure that the proper services are provided to you,
    (ii) communicate with you,
    (iii) if any, facilitate loyalty programs,
    (iii) To meet our business objectives,
    (iv) To perform statistical analysis,
    (v) Market research, business / knowledge process outsourcing (like call center) and so on.

  • Agent and Franchisee - We disclose your information to your agents and franchises for the purpose described in this Privacy Policy, but are not limited to administering relevant services, statistical analysis, market research etc. We disclose your information to your agents and franchises for the purpose described in this Privacy Policy, such as limiting to relevant services, statistical analysis, market research, etc.
  • Third party service provider, related entity and authorization - You know that your visit may include services provided by many third party service providers. Therefore, we will disclose your information to these third party service providers to ensure that they provide you the right services. Many destinations require a third party service provider to provide some information about the country's border / immigration authorities for your travel destination. This definitive information is the basic information contained in your passport or any other document issued by the respective authorities of any country, which you will need to present on your arrival and can be provided without any service. In addition, some destinations and other applicable laws of other countries on which your flight can fly, the respected airlines need to share some information about you and your travel arrangements with the government / bodies / officers. Therefore, accordingly we will share such essential information where we need to do this.
  • Business partners and other suppliers - On the need to know the basis, we share your information with various vendors and third party suppliers who provide services in relation to our business without any limitation:

  • (i) Marketing Agencies and / or companies that run our marketing campaigns,
    (ii) IT developers and other software companies,
    (iii) Business / Knowledge Process Outsourcing Companies (like call centers) etc.
    (iv) Third parties who manage promotions or competitions that we can run,
    (v) Third party whose services / applications are obtained on our white label basis,
    (vi) Networks, ground handlers, destination management companies, site analytics providers, medical service providers, financial institutions and banks.

  • Regulatory and Government bodies - We will share your information with regulators, government bodies and other authorities etc. for a variety of reasons without any restrictions -

  • (A) to comply with any applicable law;
    (B) comply with any legal process including our company and / or the defense of a third party claim;
    (C) Answer any order, direction or request received from any public, government body and officials
    (D) To ensure that our terms and conditions are followed;
    (E) To protect the rights, interest, privacy, protection of the company.

  • Business successor - Such information may appear in any restructuring, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer, etc. for any third party and / or successor of our business, any third party and / or our successor. To use information for the purpose laid down in this Privacy Policy, the business
  • Third Party Entities

    This Privacy Policy includes the privacy policies, data protection or franchises, owners, business partners, third party service providers, app developers, app params and other similar policies and practices of the app provider (s), without any limit to third party individuals / organizations / entities. has not been done. , Social media platform provider, operating system provider (wireless), wireless service provider or device manufacturer (later collectively referred to as "third party units"). Please note that reference of third party units in any online sales channel or offline sales channels should not be understood or understood to support such third party organizations in any situation. We have no control over the collection of any third party or, anizations, the use and disclosure of your personal data, and therefore we can not be held accountable/liable for this.

    Third Party Advertisers

    Third parties advertise on our site. We do not share any personal data about you with these advertisers unless you allow us to do so, which is different from any member that you provide during the registration process. These advertisers want to use cookies and pixel tags to track session data about the ads you see and the types of things you're interested in. These advertisers can also use the combined information about your visits to your site and other sites so that you can provide advertising about related interests and services that you may be interested in. When you click on a link from one of these advertisers, you are leaving our site and entering another site.We are not liable for such third-party sites. You should carefully review the privacy statement of any other site, because those privacy statements will apply to your visit to that site, and may be very different from our policy.

    How Do We Protect Your Information

    We take appropriate technical and organizational measures against unauthorized or illegal processing of personal data and against accidental loss or destruction or damage to personal data, which may be the result of unauthorized or illegal processing or accidental loss. , Destruction or damage and the nature of information should be preserved, in relation to the technical development status and the cost of implementing any measures.

    To protect your information against any unauthorized access or any unlawful use, we use various technical and operational security measures such as not limited to-

  • Limiting access to your information to those employees, agents, franchisees, contractors, third party service providers and other third parties, who must have a business.
  • Ensuring physical safety of our offices and franchisee stores and ensuring the digital and physical safety of our tools, devices and systems by making proper device security, encryption and access restrictions compulsory.
  • Implementation procedures (such as password hashing, login auditing, and passive session termination) to protect against unauthorized use of your information.
  • To maintain internal policies and to ensure that they understand their responsibilities for the safety and security of your information and if appropriate, take appropriate measures to implement these responsibilities.

  • How Can You Protect Your Information

    In addition to protecting your information, if you want to save it and take measures for it, then you can protect your information, as if it is not limited-

  • Choose a strong password and regularly make them all the time to ensure that your booking reference and password are kept confidential and ensure that you do not share them with anyone else;
  • Do not use your password for multiple accounts;
  • If you are a registered user, then you must ensure that you log out after each session;
  • If you suspect that your password or booking reference has been compromised or if someone can access your account, you must immediately notify us;
  • Keep your device secure by ensuring that you are using the latest version of your operating system and keep appropriate anti-virus software if applicable;
  • And stay away from any and all fraudulent emails.

  • Can we use your information to provide information about our holiday or other services in the future?

  • We will only maintain and use your information for marketing purposes where you have specifically agreed or are permitted to do according to data protection laws (as defined below).
  • We can send you email marketing where we comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations. However, of course, you will be given the opportunity to opt out of receiving e-mail marketing communications when you first provide us your email address and whenever we will send you an email marketing.
  • Do not use your password for multiple accounts.
  • Where you have already requested or agreed to receive information about our travel services by post / courier / email / sms, we can continue to send such information to you unless you ask us (Which you can do by telephone, email or post or courier or SMS). Whatever we send you will tell you what you should do if you do not want to hear from us now. We will send you this information because it is necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests in communicating with you, unless it is clear or our interests are overridden with your interests or fundamental rights and independence. We will stop communicating with you.
  • You can give us your consent to receive marketing information by opting to receive marketing material online or by telephone. You can also choose how happy you are to receive communication from us. For example, you may be pleased to receive information and offers by courier, SMS and email but not by telephone.
  • Can you withdraw your consent to process our agreement?

    Yes, at any time by emailing us to, we can either withdraw your consent to receive marketing materials or other communications at any time or you can telephone us.

    Can you access, change, clamp or delete your personal data?

    Yes, you can ask us to review, correct, update, suppress, ban or delete your personal data in certain circumstances, for example where you have withdrawn your consent for further marketing materials, in question Data has been processed for this purpose only. If you wish to review, correct, update, suppress, ban or delete your personal data and/or want a copy of your personal data, then you will have to contact the Data Protection Officer by writing to

    How can you find out which information we are take about you?

  • You are entitled to ask us (by letter or e-mail) your information is being processed or processed, for what purpose and for whom it can be disclosed or disclosed. No fee will be charged to answer this request unless it is clearly unbiased or excessive or we have already provided the same information.
  • We promise to respond to your request without any delay and in any event, within 1 month, unless the request is not complicated or you have made many requests, in this case we will have our response time of the next 2 months May be able to expand.

  • What is wrong, date or incomplete if you are carrying personal data?

    If you think this is the case, please let us know by the earliest E-Mail. If the amendment request is complicated then we will correct the problem within 1 month or within 3 months.

    Where do we keep your information and how long can we stay and process your information?

  • Your information will be located in safe places and on servers we control, in our offices or in the offices of our service providers.
  • We will not process your information in a manner that enables you to identify personally for any purpose for which it was originally collected or for any other legitimate business purposes.
  • Where your information is provided to you for the purpose of holidays or other services contracted by you, we are entitled to keep this information after 6 years of fulfilling those arrangements. However, in some circumstances, we may retain your information for a long time, due to not being limited to several reasons.

  • (i) A continuous relationship with you (for example, unless you have registered with us or continue to use our services)
    (ii) By following any laws, rules and regulations, notices, methods, for which we have to keep a notice, or
    (iii) As long as we require your information properly to protect you against your legal interests and / or our legal rights and / or legal action, damage, claims etc.

  • If you have agreed to receive marketing communications from us, then we may continue to use your information for this purpose, as long as you do not withdraw your consent or otherwise, unless we have your consent and effective methods Do not allow it properly.

  • Unregistered Users

  • We encourage you to book the services on our online sales channels and register with us to take advantage of our optimization features. However, you can not register and no registration is required, where you can choose to take advantage of any feature of our site. If you do not register, then we have limited information gathered by you.
  • We log our IP addresses to help diagnose problems with our servers, administer our website and track usage statistics.
  • Each time you go, your IP address may be different, or it may be that you always have an internet connection on our site (for example, cable modem or DSL), or via dial-up connection Whether we access our site from, for example, VSNL, MTNL etc.) Either way, it will be very difficult to identify you through your IP address, and we do not make any effort to do this.
  • If you have visited our site by clicking a link or an advertisement on another site, we also log that information. This helps us maximize our internet exposure and understand the interests of our users. All this information is collected and used only in the total; That is, it is entered in our database, where we can use it to generate a comprehensive report on our visitors, but not a report about individual visitors.
  • We also put a small file on your computer's hard drive, known as a "cookie." The cookie may contain information that allows us to track our way through our website and determine whether you have seen us before or not. However, unless you register with us, it does not contain any personally identifiable information that will allow us to identify you. Cookies can not be used to read data on your hard drive, and can not recover information from any other cookies created by other websites. We use cookies in a way that helps us understand how visitors use our site, and to help us improve our site. You can refuse to accept a cookie by following the specific procedures for your web browser. Although you can do this, you find that not only on our website, but when you visit other websites your browser gives a weird feedback. Since cookies do not provide us with any information from which we can recognize you, we recommend that you give us a place on our computer. If you are going to a site where you will be able to access your confidential account information, then you have to accept cookies because this site is necessary for administration and security.
  • If you visit our site by "click-through" from a site operated by one of our partners, and you have registered with that partner, then some information about you that you have provided to that partner, let us Can be transmitted. You should review the privacy policy of the website from which you arrived at our site to determine which information was collected and how you agreed that our partner could use that information. Regardless of what information has been sent to us, even if we do not keep it until you register with us.

  • Registered Users

  • All users who register themselves on will be able to do online transactions with us. You will be able to purchase services available on our site such as flights, hotels, car rentals, packages, cruises etc.
  • If you register with us, we will collect personal information in addition to the non-personal information described above. That personal information may include your name, email address, postal address, telephone number, travel preferences, passport number, user name and password. The information we collect may be different, but we only collect information that you manually entered in our forms. We may store all or some information in a cookie file on your hard drive so that whenever you visit our site, our system will recognize you. In this way, we can save you visits to visit your preferences and present you with an optimized website, whenever you log in to our site. In order to improve services and increase personalization, we may periodically get information from you about other independent third-party sources and add it to your registration information. In addition, authorized legacies employees can update your registration information to accurately reflect any information contained in the communication you receive.
  • If you go to our site via "click-through" from a site operated by one of our partners, and you have registered with that partner, then some information about you that you have provided to that partner, let us Can be transmitted. You should review the privacy policy of the website from which you reached our site to determine which information was collected and how you agreed that our partner could use that information. We may or may not retain that information; If we do, we will use it in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which you came to us despite the policy of that partner site.
  • If you reach our site through any of our partners (whether you have registered with our partner or not), and you choose to register with us, then give us some or all registration information to your partner, According to this policy only, but we can not control how our partners use information. If you have any questions about your partner's privacy policy, you should review their policy before providing information to us. Of course, you can make sure that the personal information you provide is not shared with our partners (according to any policy), for one of our partners, instead of click-through, directly going directly to us .

  • Cookies

  • We collect some data from cookies, which are pieces of data stored directly on the computer or mobile device you are using. Cookies allow us to collect data such as browser type, time spent on online services, visited pages, URLs, language preferences, and other integrated traffic data. A cookie can also allow us to collect information about your path through our website and to determine whether you have seen us before or not However, unless you make an account with us, it will only gather other data.Cookies can not be used to read data on your hard drive, and can not retrieve information from other cookies created by other websites. To help us understand these notices how visitors use our site, and to use them online to collect statistical data to personalize their experience, to display data and information more effectively , To help us improve our site for various purposes, including security objectives to facilitate navigation. We do. To help identify your computer for the use of sales channels and online sales channels. We also collect statistical data about the use of online sales channels to continually improve the design and functionality, understand how they are used and help us to solve the problems.
  • When you are using online sales channels or cookies to send promotional emails, we allow you to choose and evaluate which ads or offers will be displayed to you. We also use cookies to track the responses of online advertisements and marketing emails.
  • You can refuse to accept us by cookies by following the specific procedures for your web browser. Although if you do this, you can give a strange feedback to your browser by visiting our website and other websites. Since cookies do not provide us with information that we can identify you, we recommend that you give us a place on our computer. If you are going to a site where you will be able to access your confidential account information, then you have to accept cookies because this site is necessary for administration and security.
  • You can choose whether or not to accept cookies by changing your browser settings or clicking "Tracking preferences" at the bottom of our home page by managing your tracking preferences. However, if you do not accept cookies, you may experience some inconvenience in the use of online services. For example, we will not be able to declare your computer, and you will need to log in each time.You also will not receive advertisements or other offers that are relevant to your interests and needs. At this time, we do not respond to the browser "Do-not-track" signal.

  • Minors

    Minors (as defined under their jurisdiction or residence rules) are not eligible for registration, use or purchase of the products or services available on our online sales channels. We intentionally do not collect personal information from any minor, and if we think it is provided by a minor, then will not use any such information.

    Cross-Border transfers and privacy shield certified

    Our registered office is located in India. However, we are a universal company and we provide our services universally. We have partnered with various third party service providers around the world. In such circumstances, sharing information about the borders is important for us to ensure that you are provided high quality services wherever you go. Therefore, under applicable laws, we will share / transfer your information with institutions and third party service providers in countries where data security standards can be separated from those of the country where you live. However, we take all necessary steps to ensure that your information is adequately protected and used in accordance with the applicable laws of that country, which is not limited to relying on any appropriate border-border transfer solutions. , Which may include the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework.

    If I have any complaints about my personal details then what should I do?

    Our registered office is located in India. We have partnered with various third party service providers around the world. In such circumstances, sharing information about the borders is important for us to ensure that wherever you go, high quality services will be provided to you. Therefore, under applicable laws, we will share / transfer your information with institutions and third party service providers in countries where data protection standards can be separated from where you live. However, we take all necessary steps to ensure that your information is adequately protected and used in accordance with the applicable laws of that country, which is not limited to relying on any appropriate border-border transfer solutions. is. , Which may include the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework.

    Lost your password?

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