Refund & Cancellation Policy

If the tour or any part cannot be made due to Force Majeure or vis Majeure, then the company will not be held liable for any refund. However, at its sole discretion, the company gives a refund on the basis of various factors, such as the number of participants, suppliers, such as the cancellation of suppliers, coach operators etc., the company's decision on the amount of refund is final.

In cancellation and refund, flight ticket amount is not refundable.

If the customer cancels the booking within two hours of booking on the booking day the money will be refunded 30% to 70% (on condition of conditions) within 25 days except for service fees.

Cancellation made before 30 Days, 90% will be Refund
Cancellation made within 21 to 30 Days, 75% will be Refund
Cancellation made within 15 to 20 Days, 50% will be Refund
Cancellation made Less Than 15 Days, No Refund
Tickets Cancellation Charges will cost extra
Amount paid towards GST will not be refunded

The above-mentioned refund rates are applicable on the advance amount

It is clearly understood that if for any reason the customer can not access services like any kind of services, sightseeing, riding, cruises, food, entrance fees, alternative tourism etc. If so, there will be no refund.

Some cancellation and refund policies are out of our tenders :-

  • Refund for hotel payments will follow hotel cancellation policy.
  • Train tickets cancellations will follow the Railways policy.
  • If you cancel the journey after the start, the refund will be limited to a limited amount, which will depend on the amount that we will be able to protect from the property / contractors. We do not have any responsibility for refunds for unused hotel accommodation, chartered transport and missed food.

    Our liabilities and limitations:

    Please note that after finalizing the tour / service cost, if the Government of India has increased the entrance fee for monuments / museums, taxes, fuel costs or guide fees, then it will be taken as an additional.

    The cancellation will only be considered when the request is made within 72 hours of ordering. However, when the seller/traders are notified about the orders, the cancellation request will not be entertained and they have started the shipping process to them.

    On the same day, the booking given under the delivery category have not been canceled.

    If you believe that the product (travel) is not shown on the site or according to your expectations, then you have to take it to your customer service notice within 24 hours of receiving the product. After looking at your complaint, the customer service team will make a reasonable decision.

    Refund can be given only in the case of the customer being included in the package confirmed, which is not distributed by the booking agent. Refunds will not be given in any other concern.

    If local attractions are closed for maintenance/weather conditions/government order/strike/curfew / natural calamity / other unforeseen reasons, then try your best to reimburse the fair value of passenger in case of return of Love Ride/travel agent. Will do However, Love Ride/Travel Agent is not bound to and can not be held liable against it.

    Please include your order number (you were sent through email after the order) and alternatively tell us why you are requesting a refund - we take customer feedback very seriously and the quality of our products and services Use it to continually improve. Refund is being processed within a period of 25 days, however, due to processing due to delays due to the processing bank, we will not be liable for any default, due to processing refunds.

    There will be no amendments/additions (dates, inclusions, travel events) in the package, at the extra cost of the customer. The changes made in the package will be done in accordance with the cancellation policy of the original package and the customer will have to bear the expenses incurred due to this.

    In the case of force majeure (such as curfew, riots etc.), Love Ride will not be liable for any loss.

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